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Swimmers of all ages enjoy Westwood's Olympic-size pool, which includes a diving well and a child's wading pool.  The main pool is heated in the spring and fall. The L-shaped design allows for a 50-meter olympic swims as well as a 25-meter area for the diving board and shorter lap swims. The pool snack bar offers a nice assortment of meal items, drinks, and treats for all tastes.  There is an adult only bar as well, complete with two big screen HD televisions

Hours & Guest Fees

The 2019 pool hours of operation - CLICK HERE - and guest pricing information. Reminder: There is a Limit of six (6) guests per per person/per day. 

Swim Team

The Westwood Whirlwinds swim team participates in weekly meets with other teams in the Dominion Country Club League, providing lots of chances for everyone to swim, race, improve times and meet new friends. Involvement with the team is FUN for both the kids and the parents! Kids enhance their ability to swim and perhaps more importantly, learn about teamwork, striving for a goal, and being a good friend. Parents meet new people at the Club and support a healthy alternative to “watching TV all summer!” We participate in great social activities, including Friday Spirit Events, Raft Nights, and the ever popular Penny Dives/Sundae Bars. Daily practice is not mandatory, nor is the weekly swim meet. Kids progress at their own pace and most find they start to push themselves to beat their times. The WCC swim team is about having fun in the water and an AWESOME summer experience.

Swim Lessons

World Pool Service, Inc provides swim lessons taught by highly trained Red Cross certified Water Safety Instructors.

Group Swim Lessons.  Classes are held Monday - Thursday. Each participant will receive an individual evaluation at the end of the session.  The cost of group lessons is $40/child.  Classes ARE held when it is raining. Payment is to be made on the first day of each session. Checks should be made payable to World Pool Services, Inc. Sign up for lessons at the pool registration desk. We will be able to accommodate all that are interested.

Private Lessons are available beginning Tuesday, May 28. Sign up on the clipboard at the front desk and an instructor will call to schedule lessons at a time convenient for you and your child. The cost of a private, one on one lesson is $30/half hour.  Payment is to be made to the instructor at the end of each lesson.  For a semi-private lesson, children must be at the same ability level.  There is an additional charge of $10/child.

Mini Whirlwinds is a program for the swimmer who can swim at the high level of swim lessons but is not yet ready for swim team.  All Mini Whirlwinds can swim free and back the width of the 50 meter pool and/or swim the 25 meter in over a minute’s time.  Mini’s work on endurance and technique proficiency for Free and Back and learn to swim both Breast and Fly with the correct technique.  Mini 1 Goal is to swim the 25 meters in both Free and Back and to have knowledge of Breast and Fly. Mini 2 Goal is to swim the 25 meters in both Free and Back in under 1 minute.  And to swim the width of the 50 meter pool proficiently in both Breast and Fly. 

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Mini WhirlWinds '19

Head Start Swim Lessons 2019

Weekly Group Swim Lessons 2019

Program and Events

We strive to offer a wide range of programs and events for all ages and swimming abilities.  The pool should be a fun place for everyone. 

Masters Swim Program; Tiki Nights; Family Fun Nights; Penny Dive & Sundae Sundays; Raft Nights; Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day Games


Pool Front Desk Telephone: 703-938-9492